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Pleasure Benessere

Centers specialized in body remodeling and Anti-Age

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Pleasure Benessere

is present in the aesthetic sector since 2010 embracing all its nuances. Starting from 2015 we have studied a UNIQUE METHOD to give performing and lasting results.

Reshape me

In 2016 we finalized the program Reshape me, born from the experience and study of manual skills associated with active ingredients, technologies and how the body reacts to certain stimuli.

Reshape me is able to give you results from the first session making you lose up to 2 sizes in 8 weeks. Our method is unique, personalized and ultra-performing.
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Benvenuta Pleasure
Welcome Pleasure


Diagnosi Estetica Avanzata Con Primo Trattamento
Advanced Aesthetic Diagnosis with first treatment


Massaggio Drenante Metodo Renata França
Renata França Method Draining Massage


Pleasure Modena
SPA pedicure


All Treatments


Cosmetics signed by Pleasure to get the most out of your treatments, come and try them directly in our centers!


Contains: Carbon Mask for deep skin cleansing. MASK with hyaluronic acid for a hydration boost. SUPER plumping SERUM with PURE hyaluronic acid.
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Kit body PERFECT
PERFECT body kit


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Pleasure Benessere Spazzola
Pleasure brush


Brushing is a small daily gesture with enormous benefits! Why? 1. Stimulates the glandular and lymphatic system 2. Eliminates swelling and edema thus counteracting cellulite 3. Reoxygenates the skin 4. Tones the skin 5. Has an exfoliating action 6. Increases the level of energy and vitality 7. Helps to expel toxins
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Beauty Bag Snellente
Slimming Beauty Bag


The slimming Beauty bag is your body's ally kit; composed of a draining and activating saline bandage with disposable gauze impregnated with a liquid formula based on green coffee carnitine and high concentration natural salts with draining and slimming action, the brush to use every day to reshape your shapes [...]
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Pleasure Benessere Crema Viso Antiage
Sublime Lift Face Cream

A plumping emulsion with an innovative and precious texture, with a latest generation green and eco-sustainable formula enriched with a blend of biomimetic peptides, created to visibly reduce wrinkles and perfectly plump the skin of the face and neck. The bland also makes use of hyaluronic acid in 3 molecular weights which gives structure to the complexion [...]
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Pleasure Benessere Crema Acida
Acid Face Cream


A basic treatment for each type of chicken that starts with a light exfoliation facilitates the nourishment of the skin. FUNCTIONAL SUBSTANCES: Sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, vitamin E, lactic acid. HOW TO USE: Apply on the affected area and distribute evenly.
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Pleasure Benessere Crema Viso Idratante Neutra
Moisturizing Face Cream with Shea Butter


A light and nourishing cream suitable for all skin types that leaves it soft and silky, thanks to a skilful balance of active ingredients in the formulation. FUNCTIONAL SUBSTANCES: Allantoin shea butter, fresh aloe juice, vitamin E. HOW TO USE: Apply a thin layer of cream on the body and massage until completely absorbed.
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Pleasure Benessere Emulgel Rimodellante
Emulgel Remodeling Abdomen and Buttocks


A texture in emulgel with a hot and cold effect to stimulate the local metabolism, Created based on Xanthines, with caffeine, menthol, racemic camphor and fucus. Immediately absorbed, non-greasy, it acts from the first application with its combined thermogenic effect. FUNCTIONAL SUBSTANCES: fucus extract, guarana extract, caffeine, menthol. MDO OF USE: apply a [...]
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Pleasure Benessere Crema Viso Pelli Grasse
Oily Skin Face Cream with Anti-Age Actives


Face cream with lifting action with hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin, on a base of light oils suitable for sebaceous skin, It gives a prolonged moisturizing and lifting action throughout the day. Enriched with extracts of olive oil, caper, prickly pear and aloe vera. HOW TO USE: apply a veil morning and evening on the face and neck [...]
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Pleasure Benessere Tonico Viso Con Estratti Vegetali
Face Toner with Plant Extracts


The PLEASURE Tonic refreshes, purifies and soothes, completing a cleansing action that gives an immediate feeling of well-being. Functional substances: Helichrysum water. Witch hazel water. Chamomile water. How to use: Apply the Restorative Cleansing Milk morning and evening all over the face with a cotton pad. Massage lightly and rinse. Then apply the tonic, [...]
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Pleasure Benessere Latte Detergente Restitutivo
Restorative Cleansing Milk


A unique milk of its kind, rich in oils and butters and with a very fine texture, with endorphinic scents. It allows an optimal and immediately restorative cleansing for the skin. Restorative milk: Fresh Aloe juice. Olive oil. Almond oil. Shea Butter. Apricot butter. Vitamin E. HOW TO USE: Apply the Cleansing Milk [...]
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Sublime Lift Eye Contour


A precious specific emulsion for the contour of the eyes and lips, in a liquid crystal texture that allows a strong nourishment in a fluid film and easily applicable in the most particular points. It gives uniformity and brightness to the eyes, reducing wrinkles and bags in a few minutes, thanks to the biomimetic peptides bland and [...]
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Pleasure Benessere Crema Viso Antiage
Anti-Age Luxury Cream


A plumping emulsion with an innovative and precious texture, with a latest generation green and eco-sustainable formula enriched with a blend of biomimetic peptides, created to visibly reduce wrinkles and perfectly plump the skin of the face and neck. The bland also makes use of hyaluronic acid in 3 molecular weights which gives structure to the complexion [...]
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Anti-age Day Cream


The Anti-Age Day Cream, an incredible mix of natural and organic extracts with exceptional properties, gives new vigor to tired skin and eliminates the signs of aging; creates an immediate and lasting natural lifting effect, leaving the skin visibly smooth and velvety. Aloe Vera invigorates tired and aged skin, has a protective and decongestant action, fights [...]
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Pleasaure Benessere Elisir Intensivo
Pomegranate serum


Restorative regenerating fluid, formulated for the eye contour area, face, neck and décolleté area, ideal to illuminate and lift and harmonize the complexion. Through the synergy between Hyaluronic Acid and ORGANIC Pomegranate Extract, small wrinkles and expression lines will be visibly minimized. Pleasant to use, thanks to the pleasant texture and [...]
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Pleasure Benessere Latte Detergente


Cleansing milk with a delicate fragrance and natural, nourishing, emollient and decongestant properties. It gently removes make-up, fully respecting the skin of the face, eliminates impurities and makes it immediately clean, elastic and relaxed, leaving a feeling of pleasant well-being.
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Pleasaure Benessere Rimodellami
Remodel me cream


RimodellaMi is the heart of our line: it contains extremely powerful green coffee, has exceptional reducing virtues: it is able to decrease the volume of fat cells. The fabulous mix of guarana, red algae and cocoa enhance the effect of green coffee giving you an extremely compact skin. It will become your "never again without"
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Anti-Age Night Cream


The Anti-Age Night Cream has been specially designed to effectively combat skin aging with a targeted action that takes place during the night, that is when the skin regenerates. The organic and natural active ingredients contained are characterized by high quality, but what distinguishes it most is the high concentration of [...]
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Intensive Anti-Age Serum


The Intensive Anti-Age Serum is an intensive anti-aging repairer as well as an extraordinary and effective solution to skin aging. Its incredible concentrate of natural active ingredients such as pure Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Argan Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Wheat Germ Oil and Hibiscus Seed Protein, allows to immediately elasticize the skin and [...]
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Body Exfoliator


There are many cosmetic products that can protect and restore the skin's radiance, but the most important product to achieve this is certainly the scrub. Much more than a simple peeling, the Body Exfoliator is a real treatment for the body that combines the exfoliating smoothing action of excellence of the [...]
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Anti-Age Body Cream


Anti-Age Body Cream is a delicate and refined emulsion rich in natural active ingredients, created to help the skin to restore and maintain its perfect balance threatened every day by atmospheric agents, laziness or simply by the lack of time to take care of ourselves in the most correct way. Its refined formulation, created [...]
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Anti-Age Body Wash


Anti-Age Body Wash was born after a careful study, representing the ideal product to be used in the daily cleansing of the whole body and of all skin types. This extraordinary cosmetic has been specially formulated to cleanse the skin in a gentle way during the bath or shower, leaving a pleasant sensation of freshness for a long time and [...]
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Revitalizing Tonic


For a correct and deep cleansing of the face, the tonic is a product that cannot be ignored to effectively remove the impurities to which we are exposed during the day, to eliminate the residues of cleansing milk, and to prepare the skin for any treatments such as the application of creams and serums. The Revitalizing Tonic [...]
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Eye contour


Even the most well-groomed woman finds her weak point in the eye area: it is in fact a very delicate area from which the age and signs of fatigue of the person transpire. The skin of this area is different from the rest of the face, extremely delicate, thin and therefore subject to the formation of expression lines. Not only: […]
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All the products


FIND OUT HOW NOT TO BE FRIED BY THOSE WHO SELL YOU PRODUCTS WITHOUT HAVING THE MINIMUM IDEA OF WHAT THE SKIN IS AND HOW IT WORKS, EVEN IF THE CREAM HAS A GOOD SCENT AND COST 5 EURO By now you have noticed that everyone wants to sell everything, cosmetic products by now they are everywhere, they are also sold to [...]
Laura Cavalieri
24 January 2021
The skin and the change of season The changes of seasons are moments of "transition" also for our skin; the most affected is that of the face that begins to dry out and become more dehydrated or on the contrary produces a greater quantity of sebum. This happens because it is continuously exposed to stressful variations [...]
Laura Cavalieri
18 January 2021
Prendi in mano la tua rotta
FIND OUT HOW TO HAVE THE PHYSICAL TONIC OF A TWENTY-YEAR OLD, EVEN IF YOU ARE FIFTY YEARS OLD YOU ARE ON MENOPAUSE AND THINK THAT YOU HAVE IRRIMEDIABLE LOST YOUR SHAPES FOREVER If you too have entered the MENOPAUSE this natural and physiological phase of life or you are entering it, you are certainly experiencing some transformations that you may or may not like, [...]
Laura Cavalieri
4 January 2021
It is good to lose weight, to see a well-modeled silhouette but less beautiful to see an emptied breast. Often, in fact, the breast is the first area of the body that loses tone, unfortunately until now the treatments have always proved ineffective, this is because the breast is a constantly moving structure. In fact, the breast is made up of [...]
Laura Cavalieri
17 November 2020
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They say about us

  • Federica Boschi
    I want to say a huge thank you to Daiana Bettonte and Laura Cavalieri because, thanks to them, to their hands, to their advice, I was able to achieve unexpected results. Those who have to reshape their body must rely on expert people to be able to obtain results in complete safety. You are great professionals and I will never stop thanking you. PS Today I got into a pair of pants that I haven't worn for two years
  • Anonymous
    So the car wash guy complimented me too, asking me if I changed my look. because he notices something different. I'm in great shape !! thank you very much 🤩😘
  • Anonymous
    I wanted to thank you for the support and support you are giving me ... I did not think I would get so much, I am very happy 😊😊😘😘😘
  • Debora Cestari
    It was a pleasure to follow your path. Being able to fit a size 40 after years has been a dream, you are super qualified people. 💪✌✌✌ A special thanks also goes to Daiana who has followed me until today. 🥰❤

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